Automate sales and increase productivity.

Give your team the tools to sell smarter. Zoho CRM captures lead information directly from your website, schedules follow-up reminders, and generates custom reports to forecast trends. By automating routine tasks, you can spend time on what matters: making connections, building relationships, and closing deals. Increase your productivity without expanding your workforce.

Scoring Rules

Dealing with a large number of leads every day makes it difficult to determine which are the right ones to focus on. Lead scoring in Zoho CRM lets you prioritize your leads with positive and negative scoring to ensure faster conversions.

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Close a deal with every conversation.

Different prospects require a different approach. But when you get right down to it, the crux of the message usually remains the same. So why reinvent the wheel every time? Call scripting in Zoho CRM helps you develop scripts for your sales reps to follow when they're on a call. This not only makes sales calls more contextual but also makes successful calls repeatable--so you hear "Yes" more often.
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Add CRM context to your Slack conversations.

Share records or dashboard charts from your CRM to users and channels in Slack. Notify everyone in the team instantly on sales updates like deal wins, hot prospects, and more. Get reminders in Slack for all the activities in your CRM Calendar.

Find what you need.

Go beyond search — traditional search returns superficial results, but advanced filters get at what's underneath. Drill down into your list to discover dormant leads and find deals that have no associated activities. Follow up, and make a sale you otherwise wouldn't have. With an array of views to choose from, pick the one that fits your needs, and let CRM prioritize activities and contacts to make you more productive.

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Drive sales with effective lead management.

Converting a lead into a potential buyer depends on efficient communication and nurturing. From lead generation to scoring to conversion, Zoho CRM ensures proper follow-up to move your leads through the sales funnel.

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Manage business contacts.

Get insights about your customers at your fingertips. Create notes, tasks, and comments easily. Custom fields help your team keep track of the most relevant customer information for sales. View purchase histories and know when to cross-sell or up-sell.

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Focus on sales opportunities.

Track your sales pipeline from identifying a hot prospect to winning the deal. Spot the people most likely to buy, and spend more time communicating with them. Divide your sales cycle into stages, and prioritize the prospects that matter at every step.

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Manage customer accounts.

Anyone on your sales team can provide excellent support by using the information in CRM. Know what it will take to close deals with the businesses you’re selling to by viewing potential deals, contacts, and tasks in one screen.

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Keep count of your accounts with Zoho's Finance Suite

Finance Suite is an integrated bundle of products that monitors the transactions and back office operations of your sales team. The integration with Zoho CRM lets sales reps track their own deal expenses and the transaction, order, and subscription status of customers. Take advantage of CRM's automation features to create collateral for prospects at different deal stages, while the Zoho Finance Suite keeps your books in-check.

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Watch your business grow.

Real-time reporting gives you insight into sales trends, marketing campaigns, customer engagement, and team performance.

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Keep your sales and marketing on the same page.

Marketing can be expensive and difficult to manage. Without a clear way to track results, these efforts can reduce revenue and profitability. Zoho CRM lets you develop targeted campaigns, track marketing spend, and improve ROI.

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Views made for you.

Zoho CRM zooms in with different views to help you target your hottest prospects, prioritize your biggest deals, and improve productivity.

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Collaborate with your team using Feeds.

So many deals, so little time. With Feeds, communicate with your team, share ideas, provide feedback, follow hot prospects, stay updated, and close more deals in less time.

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Accurately forecast sales.

Forecast future sales and measure them against committed sales. Customize forecast reports and dashboards to gain insights on a team or an individual's performance.

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Smart web forms for digital marketing.

From landing pages to contact forms, capture customer information in CRM with one step. Zoho CRM offers both customizable and pre-built web forms that turn your digital marketing campaigns into lead generation machines.

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All your events in one calendar.

Save yourself the trouble of juggling multiple schedules by syncing your CRM calendar with Google or Outlook. With iCal sync, get reminders the same place you keep track of personal events: on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

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Stay on top of your game.

From overseas calls and lunchtime meetings to neighborhood block parties, being a salesperson means having a lot to juggle. The sync between Zoho CRM and Apple Calendar helps you manage your schedule on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

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Add more leads in less time using the Leads app.

Save time saving leads. Stop manually entering leads from that bowl of business cards you get at trade shows and meetings; scan business cards with your smartphone, and automatically upload contact information to CRM.

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Spare your fingers, save your time.

Sharing information like addresses, monthly bills, or mass emails with multiple recipients can be challenging. With Zoho CRM's plugin for Microsoft Word, this is no longer an issue. Use the mail merge feature to get instant access to your business contacts, automatically create customized documents, and share information quickly.

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Stay in sync with Microsoft Outlook.

Stop jumping back and forth between Microsoft Outlook and CRM. With the plugin, you can send an email, add a contact, or create a task in Outlook, and it will automatically appear in CRM.

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Manage sales documents inside CRM.

Manage sales collateral, proposal documents, SLAs, and more with the Zoho CRM Document Library. Create, share, and access documents from anywhere for easy collaboration.

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