Wherever you are, you're right next to a customer.

With the all-new Zoho Desk mobile app.

Get your Work Mode on.

With Work Modes, Zoho Desk's mobile app gives agents a head start with their tickets. Work Modes organize tickets based on due time or customer type, so you know which ticket needs you first. Within each ticket, responses as well as internal comments are displayed as a full-length conversation, so agents can stay updated on ticket activity.

Know thy customer.

Zoho Desk brings in customer information from Zoho CRM, so you can put a face to each ticket. Being away from your desk shouldn't make a difference to how you see your tickets!

Swipe, tap and move ahead.

Pass on a ticket to a colleague when you’re answering another one. Or when it’s not in your area of expertise. Or when you’re at a movie with your friends!

Stay in the loop.

Get instant notifications about contacts, accounts and the tickets you follow. Zoho Desk's Notification Centre brings you updates on your tickets, so you can stay on top of things wherever you are.

Your team is always with you.

With social-network-style commenting and tagging, your team can now ask for help, brainstorm for solutions and collaborate more in every ticket. That's like carrying your team in your pocket!

Respond quickly.

Respond to tickets quickly with response templates. Write them once and use them forever. Even when you’re waiting for a take-away or doing the dishes, get work done and deliver pure awesomeness.

Your Desk. In the palm of your hand.

With the Zoho Desk app for iOS and Android, agents can catch up, collaborate and provide top-notch customer support, wherever they are.