Custom domain email address

Setup Custom domain based email address with Zoho

Zoho Mail helps businesses and enterprises to set up, create and use their custom domain-based email addresses for business communications.  The organizations have different requirements for communication, based on organization sizes or type of businesses and so on. The myriad of features in Zoho Mail can be customized to suit different organizational policies.

The migration process from your existing provider to Zoho Mail is simple and creating custom domain email accounts for all the employees can be completed with no downtime. The entire business email hosting process to switch the email service, from your current provider to Zoho Mail is outlined below. 

Add your domain | Verify the Domain | Create your Users | Configure MX Records (Email delivery) | Email Migration

Custom domain email address

Email communication is one of the most reliable forms of communication. For personal requirements, there might be various tools available for communication. When it comes to communication between different organisations or businesses, the most formal and reliable way is to send emails. To make your email look authentic and reliable, the email should be sent from your business's domain based email address. 

Custom email address has a custom domain attached to it like, To begin with any business or the organization should have a domain. While a website is good to have (in case someone looks up based on your domain), but it is not mandatory to create a custom email address.

Setup custom email address for your domain with Zoho

You can easily setup custom email accounts for your organizations domain with Zoho. The simple steps to follow to create custom email address, from domain verification to migration is illustrated below. The email migration tools are provided, free of cost, to help the administrators in the user email migration. 

Step 1: Add and Verify your domain or buy a new domain with Zoho.

Step 2: Add users and Create custom domain email Accounts (or) Import Users from CSV/ Import from Active Directory
Step 2a: Create domain based email accounts for Groups (For distribution lists for multiple members to receive emails from common accounts like or .) 

Step 3: Configure the MX records of your domain to point to Zoho Mail Servers, to start receiving emails to your domain accounts in Zoho.

Step 4: You can simultaneously start the Email Migration for the users. 

Apart from the setup process, various other customizable options are available to apply your organizations policies. Refer here for detailed help about all the features available for the administrator to manage the entire organization. Small Businesses can benefit from our 'Mail Free' plan which is free for custom domain based email. The administrator can make use of the 5 free accounts for a single domain, with extensive control options, which are free and more importantly, ad-free. Refer our Pricing page for more details about the paid plans available in Zoho Mail Suite. 

The instructions to assist users to get started with their accounts are available here.  Our 24/7 support are ready to assist you in the setting up of your organization account and can guide you to migrate your existing accounts to Zoho. 

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