Online Office Apps

Managing spreedsheets, presentations and text documents is an inevitable part of running any business, very small or very big. It can be quite a hassle to install and maintain desktop office software, requiring routine, nagging upgrades. Besides, collaboration isn't easy when you have to send files to your colleagues as email attachments, keeping track of modified versions etc.

That is why Zoho Mail comes bundled with Zoho Docs, a comprehensive online office and document management suite that runs from within a web browser.

The sleek and fast Zoho Docs interface makes storing, sharing and collaborating on documents extremely simple. It includes sophisticated web-based editors to create, edit and modify text documents (Zoho Writer), spreadhseets (Zoho Sheet) and presentations (Zoho Show).

Some of the primary power features in Zoho Docs include

Zoho Writer - Online Word Processor

Zoho Writer is an online word processor that is on par with desktop office software, be it the processing speed or power features. You get all the rich formatting options combined with the ease of being able to create and edit documents from any place with an internet connection and a browser. However, the most incredible part of working online is the ability to collaborate in real-time, edit a document simultaneously, instantly exchange ideas via chat and share documents as links without the hassles of handling email attachments.

Zoho Sheet - Online Spreadsheet Application

The biggest challenge to consultants, scientists, scholars, students, businessmen and all professionals as such is how best to manage, store, share and thus derive knowledge out of data. Built for users to excel in data management, Zoho Sheet is the most sophisticated online spreadsheet application. From functions, formulas and charts to interlinked sheets that dynamically recalculate values upon changing cell data, there are no compromises made in comparison to desktop spreadsheet applications. It takes more than one smart brain to decipher essence out of big data. There is no better means than a spreadsheet application with real-time collaboration support for a team to get their brains to work together.

Zoho Show - Online Presentation Application

Creating fantastic presentations and slide shows is paramount to winning the hearts of an audience or striking a great business deal. With Zoho Show, our online presentation application, it is a breeze to create slick slide shows on the go. All you need is a web browser with an internet connection. And by the way, do not assume that it is a light weight tool by any means. From pre defined templates to slide transition and element animation, it is feature rich in every way. You can even seamlessly import existing PPTs and modify them online. Our users tell us that Zoho Show is quite phenomenal in improving productivity.