Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open documents in Zoho Office editors?

Does Zoho Office Integrator support SSL?

I get an error while saving a document over https URL scheme. What am I doing wrong?

How do I open documents in different modes (view/edit) in Zoho Office Editors?

If I pass collabedit as value for 'mode' parameter, how do I point another user at it for concurrent editing?

Why do all the shared users in collaboration mode are listed as 'Guest'?

What is the maximum file size I can upload to Zoho?

What is "id" parameter used for? Is it mandatory?

Every time I send a request to Zoho, I receive 'Unable to Import Content' error? What am I doing wrong?

Why am I getting junk characters in the file name when I save a file?

Can I use Zoho Office Editors for writing documents in multiple languages? If so, how many languages does Zoho support?

Why do I get a 'Connection refused from remote server' exception when I save a document?

What are the browsers supported by Zoho Office Editors?

Why am I getting "The API key is invalid" error?

Where is my document saved?

Is Zoho storing my documents at any time? If yes, is it temporary/permanent storage?

What is the 'saveurl' method? How do I save my files in my own storage server? Any 'saveurl' sample code?

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