Zoho PageSense Features

Everything you need to optimize your website, convert more visitors, and boost your revenue.

Heatmap: See what your visitors see

Use our heatmap and scrollmap tools to trace visitor interaction. See what sections of your web page get the most attention and which parts your visitors ignore. Check if your key CTA is getting the interaction you expected.

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Zoho PageSense Heatmap.
Zoho PageSense Scrollmap.

Funnel Analysis: Follow your visitors' paths

Funnel analysis helps you monitor the visitor journey through the website. Did they take the same path you hoped they would or did they drop off somewhere? A bottleneck page with a lot of visitor drop-off might be costing you a huge chunk of revenue.

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Zoho PageSense Funnel Analysis report

A/B Test: A or B? You test. Your visitors decide.

If your aim is to boost conversion, it's good practice to continually tweak your website to suit your visitors' liking. With PageSense, you don't have to guess which website changes your visitors prefer, or which one will increase their chances of conversions: Just run an A/B test to find out.

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Zoho PageSense ab test visual editor.
Zoho PageSense ab test overview report.

Integrations: Integrate with other applications

It can be hard to consolidate reports from separate tools for website analytics, lead capturing, lead nurturing, lead management, and more. Zoho PageSense offers integrations with several third party applications as well as in-Zoho products to interconnect all your insights. Understand the effect of your campaigns without having to juggle multiple reports.

Zoho PageSense Integrations

Collaboration: Work With Your Team

Two heads are better than one. Give your team role-based access to get input on every aspect of your experiment, from design to content.

Zoho PageSense role-based access

Chrome Extension

No page is off limits with PageSense. Go ahead and experiment with pages that hide behind login sessions using our chrome extension.

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Zoho PageSense Chrome extension heatmap.
Zoho PageSense Chrome extension ab test.
Zoho PageSense Chrome extension list.

Other PageSense Features You'll Love


Forecast A/B Test Results

Follow the conversion rate trend each variation in your A/B test might take before the test completes.


Solution for Pages Beyond Login Sessions

Use our Chrome extension to experiment with pages that hide behind login sessions.


Real-time Analytics

We want to make sure you never miss a single click. We continually process and monitor data to make sure you get all the metrics in real time .


Report Sharing

We're all for team spirit! Share your findings with your colleagues at any time to foster collaborative decision-making.


Single Page Application Support

You can use all of our features even if you have an SPA, or if your website loads a single HTML page that updates dynamically as visitors interact with it.


Powerful Segmentation

With advanced segmentation options available, slice and dice the reports to see how each niche segment of your audience is interacting with the website.

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