Centralized employee database

Location based employees' information consolidated into a single window.

Manage People, Not Software

Employees are the key entities in Zoho People. With the help of pre-defined forms like the Employee form, Department form and Designation form you can accurately record all your employee data and manage them effectively.

Easy Employee Addition

With Zoho People you can add and manage employees in your organization effortlessly. As an administrator all you have to do is enter the four mandatory fields and an email will be triggered to the user, instantly. To add more than just one employee, you can simply import users into your Zoho People account of any third party application, Zoho Mail and GApps.

Locate your Employees Faster

The centralized database is not just for updating or modifying information, but is also a powerful Employee Directory. It helps employees find colleague information the smart way. For instance, you can look for a colleague based on their mobile number, personal email id, team email id, department, designation, location,etc.,

Know your Organization Tree

The Department Tree gives you a complete list of all the departments in your organization. Your employee tree clearly illustrates the reporting hierarchical structure of your company or organization. In most organizations, the hierarchical structure consists of an individual or group of persons at the top level with subordinates beneath them.