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Bring your team to Zoho WorkDrive. Give them a unified space to store, share, and work together on files in real time.

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Work as a team 

Be a team that achieves great things together. Work with teammates across timezones in a collaborative space to get the best ideas from everyone.Learn more


Private and public space

Involve all your stakeholders with a public Team Folder, or keep everything confidential with a private Team Folder.


Team Folder access

Assign appropriate roles to your Team Folder's members, based on their function.


Instant notifications

Focus on your work—we'll notify you of any changes. Get updates on everything happening in your team.


Take control

Teamwork gives great results, but at times, it has to take a backseat. Prevent others from editing your file, with the check-in/check-out feature.


Feedback in the right place

In a team, feedback often gets lost in email or chat threads. Comment in context on a teammate's work.


Draft before publishing 

Working together doesn't mean exposing your unformed ideas. With the draft feature, create files with the Zoho Office Suite, and let your team see them when you're ready.

Store files as a team

There's no longer a need for files to be sent back and forth as attachments, with each team member juggling multiple copies of the same document. Store and view them on the cloud. Start with a shared storage of 1TB and upgrade as your team grows.


Lightning-fast uploads

Save time with fast bulk uploads so you can get started right away with the files you need.


Keep everything in order

Arrange team files into folders and sub-folders, and sort them by projects, authors, or file types. Find anything effortlessly, with our advanced search options.


View different file formats 

Get a look at team files before you even open them. Zoho WorkDrive supports over 160 file types.

Work outside your team

WorkDrive lets you work closely with external stakeholders. Share files with partners and suppliers while retaining control over them. Set access permissions and expiration periods so that they stay secure.

Desktop sync

Sync files and folders from your Team Folders to your desktop while maintaining access rights. Work on your desktop files when you're offline, sync the changes when you're back online—and vice-versa.Learn more

Zoho Office Suite

Create masterpieces with your team. Work together on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, using our built-in suite of office products.Learn more



Jot down ideas and collaborate in a crisp, clean space. Get feedback and publish your work within your organization—or show it to the world with our WordPress integration.

Learn more


Analyse complex data to get useful insights, with built-in formulas and functions. Automate tasks with macros and make your work stand out with colorful graphs and charts.

Learn more


Create and broadcast impactful presentations with your team. Keep your audience engaged with a wide variety of animations, live Twitter feeds, images, and videos.

Learn more

Unlimited version history

Have you ever had a situation when you realized that a previous version of your work was better, but you just couldn't reproduce it? We've got you covered. Access and revert to any previous version of your files, or just compare changes between versions.

Stay connected anywhere.

Contribute to your team's work no matter where you are, with Zoho WorkDrive apps for Android and iOS mobile devices. Learn more

Advanced analytics

Keep track of access stats, file usage reports, and more.Learn more


Access stats 

Wondering if your sales pitch, brochure, or a proposal you've shared has been viewed? Get a quick summary of when your file has been accessed.


Activity timeline

Don't get lost in a maze of edits. See who's made changes to your team files and when those changes were made. 


Intelligent reports

Get a bird's-eye view of everything in your team. As the admin, you can view all the information about members, Team Folders, files, space used, and more.

Make WorkDrive work the way you do

Customize Zoho WorkDrive to suit your organizational policies. You'll have complete control over changes to your files, whether they're shared internally or with external stakeholders.Learn more


Custom branding 

Personalize Zoho WorkDrive by adding your company logo. You can also create a signature text to display in the notification emails sent to your collaborators.


Manage users

Add members individually or in bulk. Set roles and manage their permissions at both WorkDrive and Team Folder levels. You can even suspend users temporarily.


Share files externally

Decide who can share files outside your organization and let your members create custom links for different set of audiences.


Transfer file ownership

Transfer ownership of work files from the private folders of team members who've left the organization or whose roles have changed.


Discover forgotten files

Find every file ever created in your Zoho WorkDrive account. Keep your legal team at ease with the eDiscovery feature, by locating files created by anyone, at any time.


Retrieve lost files

Is your company reconsidering an idea that was once scrapped? Restore files that have been deleted by other users for a period of 3 months after deletion.

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